The Queen’s University Wiles Colloquium 2016 brings together researchers, curators and practitioners from across the UK and Ireland to find New Approaches to Public History. In particular, the discussion will focus on how collaboration across sectors can develop mutually beneficial research and practice capable of delivering important social, cultural and economic impacts.

Historic sites and museums are critical sites for the practice of public history because they offer a space for cultural encounter. Through material engagements with artefacts, and an experiential relationship with historical space, visitors are able to encounter and interpret the historical past in ways that are personally and intellectually meaningful. Moreover, a growing weight of research has shown that engagement with heritage is capable of delivering real societal rewards, in terms of health and well-being, social capital, educational equality, community cohesion and economic stability.

Details of the two-day Programme are provided here and to find directions for travelling to the Colloquium, please click here.

Please register for this free event as soon as possible, as places are limited. If you have any further questions about booking or need to cancel a reservation, please contact Olwen Purdue at o.purdue@qub.ac.uk or Leonie Hannan at l.hannan@qub.ac.uk


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